Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sunburst Wreath

One of my awesome friends started a Pinners Anonymous party where a bunch of us get together to work on little crafts that we have pinned on Pinterest. The first few times I wasn't able to go and then they turned into "gift exchanges" where we would have a name drawn for us and we would make something for that person that they had pinned on one of their boards. It's kind of like secret santa but Pinterest style. I was excited when I found the following idea on my person's board.

A Sunburst Wreath for Fall!

I loved it immediately and it fit under our $10 budget. We went as a family on a "stick hunt" and gathered a bunch of sticks to use. I made a wreath form out of cardboard and wrapped it with burlap, attaching it using hot glue. Then I tore strips of yellow fabric and twisted them into fabric rosettes, using fabric glue to keep it together. I carefully chose sticks that were mostly straight and varying degrees of thickness and length. Then I cut them with trimmers and used hot glue to attach them to the front of the wreath form. Then I hot glued the fabric rosettes on top of the sticks. I LOVE how it turned out and really want to make one of my own. I just need to go on another stick hunt to get more sticks.

Here's a link to the inspiration pin with some instructions on how to make the fabric flowers! I actually really love the original even better than my own. So if I make one again I will probably try to more closely replicate it. The reason my version is different is because I actually only looked at the original one after I had glued on all of the sticks. I would make my wreath form smaller a bit and glue the sticks closer together. And cut the sticks shorter. Hopefully I'll have one for next Fall to hang on my door!