Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costumes 2012

We went with another family themed costume this year (since we had so much fun LAST YEAR). I was having a hard time coming up with a fun idea, but of course the internet showed me the way. I saw a few family themed costumes floating around Pinterest and they eventually led me to find this picture below - but I can't remember what website it came from.

It became our inspiration piece. My husband LOVES S'mores so he jumped on board in time and even helped a lot with making the costumes! Here's how they turned out...

Our S'more family at our church party. Josh and I were graham crackers. We used cardboard and covered them with felt pieces that had ribbon for the scored lines and I embroidered little french knots for the dots. I should have taken a close up of them. Then we used ribbon to attach them together so we could wear them over our shoulders. We decided to have Bennett be the marshmallow because he really enjoys eating marshmallows for treats. Plus, we thought our little Charlotte would be better off as a chocolate bar since she is not mobile and we needed to carry her the entire time.

Trick-or-treating with friends!

Close up of the chocolate bar! Her costume was my favorite. I used felt for the entire thing. I cut two pieces for her body and two strips to sew up the sides so that we could easily get it on and off (since felt does not stretch). I printed out a HERSHEY'S logo that I enlarged in a word document, traced them onto white felt, and hand stitched them all on. Then I blanket stitched the strips onto the front and back pieces. To keep it together at the top I hand stitched ribbon on to both the front and back pieces on each shoulder and tied them together in a bow when it was on. It turned out so cute!

I don't have a close up of our marshmallow either. He was always on the move and it was hard to get him to sit still for a picture. Trick-or-treating was way too exciting for pictures. My husband actually made his costume. We used a foam piece that we doubled up to make it extra fluffy. Then we wrapped it in white felt, cut our circles for the arms to go through and glued it all down. It was super easy and people definitely got what we were when we were all together. The marshmallow by itself didn't really make sense and neither did the graham crackers because it just looked like we were wearing cardboard. Some people had to ask what we were, but they usually guessed after thinking about it for a few seconds.

I love family themed costumes and I hope we can keep coming up with fun ideas for the future. The past two years have been way easy to make so that is a must in the criteria for costumes. Hopefully we can keep the creative ideas coming before we resort to reusing some of them! Happy Halloween to you all!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Slow Paced Life

This little beauty joined our family in July and it has been a whirlwind ever since her birth.

We absolutely love her to pieces! She is such a sweet, beautiful little girl and is always full of smiles when she sees us. Her brother adores her and wants to kiss and hug her constantly.

These are her newborn shots, but she has grown so much. She's almost 4 months old now! You'll see how big she is in our Halloween costumes.

Most of life has been different since she was born. We moved when she was month old. Two weeks after we moved my husband got really sick with appendicitis had his appendix removed, then two weeks after that we had both sides of our family here to visit for her baby blessing. It was crazy and stressful with all of those big events back to back. We still are not fully "settled" into our house, but each week we get a teeny bit closer. She's also been a tricky sleeper and is totally hit and miss with how long she sleeps at night. But we love her and are slowly adjusting by leading a slower paced life. We don't go a lot of places right now, but we are slowly working back up to enjoying fun outings every once and a while. Thankfully we now have a backyard so staying home is not quite as hard with a toddler as it once was in an apartment.

I haven't had a lot of time or energy to craft, but I have done a few really simple things that I will share at some point in the future! I have a million and one projects that I would really LOVE to do, but all in good time. Babies sure change things and this little girl has definitely changed our lives - in a good way!