Sunday, December 12, 2010

Airport Car Seat Bag

With all of the traveling we have been doing to show off little Bennett we have been struggling to keep his car seat clean and free from rips (no rips so far luckily). The plastic bags that they have at the airport cost at least $5 and they rip so easily that they really are not all that protective. My husband decided to do a quick search online to see if he could find something we could buy to protect the car seat and he found THIS tutorial on how to make your own airport car seat bag. Genius! Of course he knew I would want to make one. He literally found the tutorial on Thursday and I had it made by Saturday night. I bought the heaviest material I could find - it is a heavy canvas fabric that was actually pretty cheap and on sale. They mostly had light colors so I went with red thinking it would show less dirt than the creams. Plus our luggage is red so now our car seat fits right in! Here is how it turned out:

Can you tell how much I LOVE it? It is amazing, and so easy to carry! I think everyone needs this bag. Who wants one?


  1. Oh I want one!!! I looks amazing. Your so so creative! I hope you guys have a good trip!

  2. Great job! I needed something like that when Parker was smaller and we were still using the baby car seat. Have fun on your trip with you great bag!

  3. I do!!! I'll be flying out to Utah in March to show off baby Emmie hopefully and I would have never even thought of that!